Photos Editing

Let me introduce about myself! Yeyey.. well.. you can called my Yola. I'm 15 :D

This is (maybe) my 4th blog. Hahaha .. going crazy with this. Well, why do I have a lot of blogs? Of course .. because .. many things :

  1. I forgot my password
  2. I'm too lazy to write on the blog. But this time I tried to be a child who diligently and not arrogant (?) to write this blog. Hope I can do this ~.~
  3. I'm busy! Hahaha.. as a student in Junior High School, this is not a great time to write on a blog. Know why? April is a month for all students in 9 grade to do so maaaaany exams . Yeah last week i have done the National Examination. Hopefully I've got a great score.

Millions of these exams can make us live with more crazy day. It's crazy. Imagine! You live in a green exam paper entitled: "National Examination". Filled with small circles to your content. Upset! Angry! THAT CIRCLE IS TOO SMALL! Aurghh .. -.-

On the first day of examination (March 29, 2010), yes .. of course I was quite nervous. Yeah .. because this test was to determine my fate in the future *hmm*. And this is the only thing that may make my parents very proud of me (if I got a great score).

Well well..

I've so many many many hobbies. And know, I wanna tell you about my knew hobby. It's : photos editing! Yeah.. I learn it from my best friend Nikita. She is very smart in terms of photos editing and movie editing. Yeah, photos editing is a things I do if I get bored. And here are some photos that I've edited with photoshop cs..

This is my cousin. It's Rebeka, Ben, Putri (left-right). I'm the photographer. Hiohehe

So, what is this (above)? Dunno. Just make some white paper to be a black and white picture like that with brushes

Xixixi.. my cousin again. Dunno why but I like to edit her photos. Hahaha.. well, I've crop herself and added it to blank paper. Change the background, and you got it! Done. I love the glow :)

She is my cousin, Bintang. I change the background to be a view of a lake (a lake? Ah.. maybe). It's same edit. Just crop, change the background and fill with the smooth color :)

Well well.. this is Justin Bieber. BUT HE ISN'T MY FAVOURITE BOY! Okay? Got it. I edit it because both of my cousins (putri & bintang) going mad with him. Hahah..


that is! Well, I also wanna show the original photos. Before I edit it.

Okay.. that's all the picture I've edit since last week. In every photos that I've edit, I always write my best nick. Hihihi.. It's : Youlahaha or Youlcs. It's a sign! Hehe, but feel free to save it in your PC. It's okay 'cause I just do it to learn more about photos editing. And, feel free to comment, guys! Love you :*


Youlcs :)

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Anonymous said...

well, those edited-photos are adorable :)
There are so many crazy words in this blog. HAH.
Just keep blogging here boy !

Anonymous said...

hey yol I just link your blog to my journal. visited me okay!

great edit youlc!

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